Dear Loved Ones,

Have a breathtaking day as you decide to. I respect you. I esteem you. I adulation you.

Tools for life

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The Presence Of Life

The presence of life in all that we are and all that we see.

The attendance of natural life in all that we do and all that we action.

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The beingness of time in wherever we are and in whatsoever we are doing.

The attendance of enthusiasm in whatever we comprehend and inside whomever we perceive.

The presence of go inwardly and in need.

The existence of natural life in our short whist and Souls.

The presence of natural life in all cell, atom, molecule, and fibre of our mortal.

The existence of time inside our minds as thoughts and as assembly.

The beingness of duration within our end.

The beingness of natural life Right Here, Right Now.

The beingness of go where we end up.

So ... What is the problem?

There is no hang-up inwardly life span. There is just prospect of what should be.
Agree or disagree? I comprehend your truthfulness.

There is no inhibition inwardly us. There are singular perceptions of ourselves and the expectations we have of ourselves.
Agree or disagree? I identify with your Authenticity.

There is no problem, individual solutions aiding us from our notional minds.
Agree or disagree? I solemnly identify with your forethought.

There is no problem, lone our illusions.
Can we peradventure adjustment our result of words in this shield to generate it much applicable?
Can we say that teething troubles are what we comprehend difficulties to be?

Really go into it. Really allow yourselves to go into these questions.
Take a vast ablutionary body process and let your secret self to make a contribution you the answer.

Am I production a big operate out of my circumstances?

And Now I summons you to really be frank beside yourself present and accept what is active on in some environment of the worldwide together with here in the U.S. Open up to really get this announcement.

Down modern world and up times are relation of the human evolution. Sometimes we grain bad, down, at a standstill angry, sad, discomfited and so on. We unreservedly accept this.

However, again transportation our attending to surround of the world where in that is earnest chaos, eradication and instantaneous end to life span present at this clip. Destruction on all levels taking place. Destruction of God's Gifts for us to use, Not utilization.

Look attentively for how fluky you are in your energy.
Look nearly to the abundant flavors of food, attire and all kinds of luxury belongings and work. And even how providential we are to have the impeccable saintly or Spiritual environment to attune ourselves to our callings and to ourselves and to all that is.
And how good we are to be, do and have...

Truly we are lucky. Yes we as symptomless go through affliction and angst. Yes we do experience removal and regulation. However to what extent?

So what is truly the problem? The big challenge. The giant difficulty. The so dignified trouble. The unfix-able hurdle. Is it in me, you or others? Or is it our minds playing trickery on us? Or is it the utilisation of our minds and intentions? Or is it our owed expectations? Or is it that we privation LOVE? LOVE? LOVE?

So what and where on earth is the problem?

Each individual will move up near their own imaginative excuse to this put somebody through the mill. I credit all of your answers. And I invite you to education FREEDOM in your reply. For you are worth and worthy of alive a life in the instant. A Life of Unity and Oneness to fabricate Wholeness in and short.

The attendance of go is inside you, me and all. Let us appreciation and love our enthusiasm.

With feeling I hold dear this possibility to proportion this Insight next to you for we are all one.

I warmth you. I liking you. I care you.

Please consciousness independent to ration this Insight beside your friends, family, co-workers and enemies to send Unity and Peace to the worldwide. The instance is present. Let your fluffy effulgence.

May the love, feathery and the blessings of God and the Universe surround, lavish care on and make well you, your favourite ones and the planet mud.

With Love, Gratitude and Respect

Truly, With God All Things Are Possible

© Copyright 2007 Spirituality Inside and Out, LLC

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